LC Caffé

Open from 9 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. for breakfasts and lunches except Wednesday. 
Open from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday for dinners.

Reservations at:

Pastries 0,60 €
Untreated Organic Pressed Orange 6,00 €
Espresso Coffee 1,70 €
Elongated Coffee 1,80 €
Hazelnut Coffee 1,90 €
Decaffeinated 1,80 €
Café Crème 2,20 €
Double Expresso 3,40 €
Cappuccino 3,90 €
Hot Chocolate 3,50 €
Tea or Infusion 3,10 €
Milk Tea or Lemon Slice 3,30 €
Frappé, Orgeat or Cane Coffee 4,00 €
Frappé tea, syrup of your choice 4,50 €

Prix nets, Service Compris.

Specialities - Informations

All our dishes are carefully prepared with fresh products and quality, to satisfy your taste buds.

Tiki Dive - scuba diving

Diving center based in Cavalaire, near the islands of Port-Cros, Porquerolles ... the paradise of underwater activities.

We offer all the underwater activities: snorkeling, diving baptism ...



For your diving stays, LC Caffé prepares your meals according to your request.


Cavalaire sur mer

Known as a seaside resort, there are two types of beaches: in front of the restaurant, a long 3 km long sandy beach and the creeks west of Cape Cavalaire.


Cavalaire sur Mer is probably a former Phoenician colony named Heraclea Caccabaria. There are also remains of a Gallo-Roman occupation in Pardigon.